AWS Amplify For Startup MVPs, PoCs and Prototypes

Its a big differ AWS Amplify has the following Advantages – Continuous Delivery with AWS Amplify Framework using Amplify CLI . AWS Amplify ties together tried and tested AWS services, presenting them in one adaptable and easy-to-use toolset. We will use a Command Line Interface (CLI) which will make development with complex tasks. It has a serverless framework […]

Defining MVP and Startup Processes: Hypothesis-Driven Development

Modern continuous delivery methods demand the use of hypotheses, not requirements, to deliver what customers want. Startups and developers should embrace continuous experimentation and adaption right from the start. So thinking and researching MVPs and writing this down as the closest I could get to define an MVP process or startup process. First, you should […]

Wakeup Call for the Lebanese Startup Ecosystem

There’s an essential, intangible something in start-ups — an energy, a soul. Company founders sense its presence. So do early employees and customers. It inspires people to contribute their talent, money, and enthusiasm and fosters a sense of deep connection and mutual purpose. As long as this spirit persists, engagement is high and start-ups remain […]

Process Mining For A Data-Driven Migration Strategy To Microservices

This article aims to highlight a data-informed decomposition of monolithic systems into microservices. Process Mining, algorithms, and techniques used to discover processes based on their digital footprint is a powerful tool that can come handy when migrating to microservices. Event logs generated by monolithic systems can be analyzed to gain an objective view on current […]